Sheyda Peyman

About Me

Sheyda Peyman is a pianist, singer, and mathematician. She draws on her multi-cultural heritage and her upbringing in Albania to blend traditions and sounds into music for the soul, one that inspires across cultures and generations. Sheyda has been performing for diverse audiences since she was 4. She has recently been a guest singer with Latin Grammy award-
winning guitarist and producer Javier Limon.

Sheyda began playing and singing early on under the guidance of her mother, a concert pianist. She later taught herself the guitar. Sheyda seeks beauty in all forms: she is comfortable as much with abstract algebra as with playing Chopin and singing Bossa Nova. She writes and performs
music to share her belief that our common humanity transcends all differences, and that our diversity is our strength.

Sheyda is currently a doctoral student in mathematics at the University of Maryland. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Edinburgh and she spent her gap year on scholarship at the Berklee School of Music. She speaks 6 languages fluently.

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